Welcome to Aly Landry Counseling

Welcome to Aly Landry Counseling

Welcome to Aly Landry Counseling Welcome to Aly Landry Counseling Welcome to Aly Landry Counseling

Immigration Evaluations


Immigration Evaluations

Evaluations can be conducted in both English and Russian Languages.

Why Do I Need a Psychological Evaluation?

Psychological Evaluations are critical in explaining the mental health state of the applicant and will add great value to your case. Immigration applications are often denied due to a lack of a mental health evaluation. I can help by conducting the psychological assessment so that it can be effectively used by your attorney to greatly strengthen your case.

Types of Immigration Cases That Benefit from Psychological Evaluation:

⦁Extreme Hardship Cases

⦁Spousal Abuse (WAVA)

⦁Political Asylum Cases

⦁U Visa

Fee: $ 550 (the price includes all necessary interviews, testing, and the report itself, no hiding fees). 

Call us today at (321) 209 2049 or e-mail aly@renew-counsling.org to schedule your evaluation.

Please, consult with your attorney before scheduling!

Я говорю по русски, понимаю вашу культуру, и буду рада помочь вам и вашему адвокату выиграть дело!

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"It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Aly Landry, MS, NCC as one of the
most competent Mental Health Professionals I’ve worked with. As an
immigration attorney, I refer my clients to Ms. Landry and am confident that they’ll obtain great attention and care to their matters. Moreover, Ms.Landry
strives to provide quick turnaround times. She works closely with an attorney to determine the issues that need to be addressed in an evaluation. I highly recommend Ms. Landry’s professional services."

Victoria Shelegina, Immigration attorney

Law Office of Victoria Shelegina, LLC