Welcome to Aly Landry Counseling

Welcome to Aly Landry Counseling

Welcome to Aly Landry Counseling Welcome to Aly Landry Counseling Welcome to Aly Landry Counseling

Family Therapy and Parenting


Kids don’t listen to you? Or maybe the whole family is feeling stressed. If one family member is stressed, everyone is, aren't they? Being a parent can be hard and stressful. Although, it doesn’t have to be. 

Do you need to master some effective parenting skills, so you can enjoy peace at your home and secure attachment with your children and family? I will be happy to work with you and your family members to help you enhance your parenting skills, so you can lower your stress and start enjoying your role as a parent.

Family therapy is a systemic approach to counseling, where I will work with your family as a system unit, in cotrast to individual or couple work. 

Please, note: I do not work with children individually. Family counseling includes all family members being present in the counseling room, or alternatively, individual sessions with parents to help you learn the necessary parenting skills. 

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El L. - 10/2/2019

Family Therapy ❤

Minuchin: What is the problem?... So who wants to start?

Mr. Smith: I think it's my problem. I'm the one that has the problem.

Minuchin: Don't be so sure. Never be so sure.

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